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  • Using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) describes the ability to handle and communicate information, solve problems, pose questions and be creative through the use of technology.  Using ICT is not a stand-alone subject but rather encompasses all areas of learning and as such is known as a Cross Curricular Skill.  At St. Columba’s our pupils are fortunate to have access to 40 I-pads,  bee-bots, pro-bots, coda-pillars, an interactive whiteboard in every classroom and a new-state of the art ICT suite.  Our teachers carefully plan for the use of this technology in lessons in order for our pupils to Experience the 5 Es of ICT; Explore, Express, Exchange,  Evaluate & Exhibit. 








    Whilst we embrace the benefit of technology as a tool for learning, we are also acutely aware of the importance of E-safety and aim to empower our pupils to; safely navigate the internet, be aware of the dangers of being online, be responsible internet users and adopt limited screen time which is taught through our PDMU programme.

  • “In all key stages, the children use information and communication technology (ICT) with confidence and ease to support, extend and exhibit their mathematical learning.”

    ETI 2016