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Meal Menu

Meal Menu
  • The children are given a choice of cereal, fruit and toast with a drink.

    Dinner Menu December 2020

  • St. Columba’s School Canteen provides delicious and nutritious meals for our children and continuously receives the highest food hygiene rating of 5. The canteen staff are friendly, kind and helpful.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful service at our school.

    What the pupils say

    P7 pupil – Thursday roast dinners are hard to beat.
    P6 pupil – Friday dinners are the best ever!
    P5 pupil – It’s brilliant how there’s different choices every day.
    P4 pupil – The dinner ladies are very kind. They give you extras if you really like something.
    P3 pupil – I love the tasty school dinner.
    P2 pupil – The cooks spend lots of time making lovely dinners for us.
    P1 pupil – I love going for dinners. You can get ice-cream sometimes.