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Meet Our Staff

Highly motivated and Dedicated
  • In St. Columba’s we have a highly motivated and dedicated staff. They work together as a caring and happy team to ensure that all our children have a fulfilling experience each day that they come to school.

  • We also have a number of teaching students, classroom assistants and volunteers who do their work placements in our school. We highly value the contribution that they make to our team.

  • Teaching Staff
    • Mrs McAlister
      Acting Principal

      Mrs McAlister is the best teacher ever. She is very kind to us and helps us with our sums. I like it when she lets us play in the shop. She loves gardening and teaches us how to plant flowers. She is happy when we are being good and she works very hard.

    • Mrs Bradley
      Primary 1 Teacher

      Mrs Bradley is the best. She likes teaching and she is good at explaining our work. Mrs Bradley is good at art, singing and camogie. Mrs Bradley is kind and she is funny. I like it when she changes her voice for the different characters in our stories. We learn about lots of fun things in Primary 1.

    • Mrs Kelly
      Primary 2 Teacher

      Mrs Kelly is a wonderful teacher who is kind, generous and lovable. She is very musical, creative and is superb at doing mindfulness. Mrs Kelly is really funny and calls speech marks ‘chicken nuggets’ and tells us to get a ‘wiggle on’ when we are doing our work.

    • Mrs Lockhart
      Primary 3 Teacher

      Mrs Lockhart is a brilliant teacher. She lets us do all sorts of fun educational things. Today she let us make saltwater cars, windmills and electrical circuits. I learned how things work and combine to make one thing. Mrs Lockhart treats everyone fairly and encourages everyone. She is kind, beautiful and smart.

    • Mr Henry
      Primary 4 Teacher

      Mr Henry is the best teacher on earth. He supports Leeds and I support Spurs and that’s ok. We will still be boy and teacher. He is very fair and I trust him very much. He takes us outside for lots of lessons so that we are fit and healthy. He’s a funny character and he’s got a sense of humour.

    • Mr Brunton
      Primary 5 Teacher

      Mr Brunton lets us do lots of fun stuff like PE, gardening, learning outside and caring for our school. Mr Brunton gives us lots of responsibility and the thing I love about him is that he makes everything fair. Mr Brunton loves Arsenal, Star Wars, electronics, hurling and farming. He is smart and funny. He has a very important job in our school and does it very well.

    • Miss Glass
      Primary 6 Teacher

      Miss Glass is very kind and caring. We have lots of fun in P6.  Miss Glass loves science and we have carried out lots of exciting experiments.  We also have lots of great outdoor lessons.  Miss Glass is great camogie player and takes after school camogie.

    • Mrs McElhatton
      Primary 7 Teacher Acting Vice Principal

      Mrs McElhatton teaches P7. She is great at numeracy and teaching. She likes pizza and great work. What I like about my teacher is that she cares for me. She is nice and kind. When I don’t know what to do she helps me.

  • Support Staff
    • Mrs Murray
      Classroom Assistant

      Mrs Murray helps Mrs McAlister to teach the P2’s. She helps you if you are stuck. She helps us find mistakes in our work and she helps us fix the mistake. She plays games and makes us happy. She keeps us safe when we are outside. She is a really nice teacher.

    • Mrs Hegarty

      Una loves her job she says everyone is really friendly and she loves the atmosphere in our school. She likes that she lives near school but she doesn’t like that she lives far away from her parents as she comes from Cork. She says she doesn’t mind doing all the paper work. She has 2 children aged 2 and 3.

    • Mrs Bigger

      Stephanie Bigger is one of our school cooks. If she wasn’t a school cook, she would like to be a classroom assistant. She has a dog called Gizmo and her favourite colour is purple. She has one son who is 11. Her favourite dinner to cook is the roast dinner. When she isn’t at school she likes spending time with her family.

    • Mrs Reid
      Classroom Assistant

      Mrs Reid is so lovely. She likes doing art and helps you to do chalk drawings. She has a funny cookie monster that eats words. She is always happy. Mrs Reid is so proud of our school. She is very artistic and puts our work up around the school in cool displays.

    • Mrs Curtis
      Classroom Assistant

      Mrs Curtis gives us lots of work. She takes us out with our whiteboard and markers. She helps us to write sentences. We love reading with her and playing the ‘jail game’. When she is picking someone to read she moves her eyes very quickly from side to side. She loves us and is never cross.

    • Mrs Hegarty

      Anne Hegarty loves her job because she loves all the children at this school. She thinks the school is a very happy place to be. She loves to walk and read in her time after school. She has worked in St Columba’s for 30 years she started in 1986.  Anne is the best school secretary in history. She is nice, funny, helpful, supportive and full of surprises.

    • Mrs Conway
      Kitchen Staff

      Anne- Marie is our cook and she loves her job. She makes the best roast dinners. She likes meeting the children. When she is not working she goes to the gym or walks her pet dog Lily-Anna. She also likes to dance. She supports Tyrone and Liverpool. Anne- Marie makes us the best dinners ever.

    • Miss McGlone
      Classroom Assistant

      Miss McGlone likes to help our teacher and the children in our class with our work. She is funny and tells us jokes. Miss McGlone is good on the iPads and she is great a dancing.