St Columba's Straw

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Primary 1 Admissions

  • Primary 1 Admissions 2021

  • P1 Admissions – St Columba’s welcomes applications for enrolment from any pupil of compulsory school age.  

    St Columba’s Primary School, Straw is a friendly rural,  all-inclusive, welcoming school located approximately 1 mile from Draperstown in the village of Straw.

    The school’s formula enrolment number is 174 and the school’s admission number is 25.

    We currently operate with 7 straight classes (no composite classes).

    What is compulsory school age?

    This means that any children who are four years old on or before the 1st July must begin their primary education from the beginning of the school year following their 4th birthday.

    How do I apply?

    You will need to complete an application. This application is completed online via the Admissions Tab on the Education Authority Website.

    What if my child has special educational needs?

    If your child is undergoing statutory assessment you still need to apply for a Primary 1 place.  This will ensure your child secures a place.

    If/when your child’s statement is put in place, the application you submit will become null and void.

    What happens if St Columba’s P.S. is over-subscribed?

    The Board of Governors and the Principal will apply the admissions criteria below only if oversubscription arises.

    This criteria will be applied in the order shown below.

    Admissions criteria for entry September 2021

    A. Children who have brothers/or sisters (half- brother/sister) enrolled in the school.

    B. Children who are the first child of the family eligible to apply for a mainstream school.

    C. Children whose parent/guardian/brother/sister (half- brother /sister are prior pupils of the school.

    D. Children who have a parent/guardian working as a permanent member of school staff.

    E. Children for whom St Columba’s is the nearest maintained school as measured by RAC route finder.

    F. Children from other areas of the parish of Ballinascreen.

    G. Children from outside the parish.

    St Columba’s has a very comprehensive P1 Induction Programme in place, P1 children visit the school site and meet the class teacher. Parents also attend an information session. The P1 teacher visits and forges links with the pre-school settings and this helps to create a very smooth transition. (if Covid restrictions are still in place other arrangements will be made)

    Admission to P2-7 at St Columba’s Primary School – transfer between schools

    If your child is in Years 2-7 of a primary school and you wish to move him / her to St Columba’s  Primary School, you will need to make a simple application using the AP1 Form.