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September Newsletter 2019

September 01, 2019

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“We are delighted to welcome all of our pupils back to school for this new academic year. We would especially like to welcome our new Primary One pupils. We hope that they are very happy and successful at St. Columba’s.

We are looking forward to a very exciting new year with lots of wonderful opportunities for our pupils. We are focused this year on the promotion of holistic well-being; physical, mental and spiritual. We will continue to offer lots of enrichment activities including our highly successful After-School Clubs as we want all of our pupils to have a hobby that they love before they leave primary school.

May this be a happy, calm, positive, fulfilling and successful year for all of our families filled with faith, hope and love.”

Mrs Kennedy Burns (Principal)




HALLOWE’EN  – 28 October to 1 November (inclusive) – 5 days

12th-14th Nov School will close early on these three days to facilitate Parents Meetings

P1/P2 @ 12.10  P3/P4 @ 12.20  P5/P6/P7 @12.30

CHRISTMAS – 23 December to 2 January (inclusive)

(school closes at 11am on Thursday 20 Dec and pupils return on 3 January)

FEB MID-TERM  – 17 to 21 February (inclusive) – 5 days

ST PATRICK’S DAY – 16th and 17th March

EASTER  – 10th April to 17th April inclusive

(school closes at 11am on Thurs 9th April)

MAY DAY – Wednesday 6th May or Friday 8th May (TBC)

MAY MID TERM – 25th May to 29th May  (inclusive) – 5 days


(School closes at 11am on 30th June)

The above closures include 5 Staff Development Days and 5 ‘Baker Days’.

We have tried to group the closures in blocks as much as possible so that it is easier for families to plan childcare and holidays. Staff training and school development is an essential part of running any school. We use this time to further develop our school as we work towards our School Development Plan targets in order to deliver excellent education to our pupils.

School Uniform

We appreciate your cooperation in sending your children in their uniform to school each day. The PE uniform should be strictly observed as it reduces peer pressure to have the latest/most expensive gear.

Non PE Days PE Days
  • Maroon jumper with school logo
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers/ shorts for girls
  • Grey trousers/shorts for boys
  • Red summer dress for girls
  • Black, grey or white socks
  • Black shoes
On PE days, pupils should wear

  • own choice of trainers
  • plain black jogging bottoms
  • plain white t-shirt/polo shirt

P4-P7 will bring their PE uniform to school and change in school.


Car Parking at Home Time

We would request that everyone shows respect for each other and follows our safety procedures in getting all children picked up safely.

Please drive to a designated parking lot. Turn off the car engine and walk over to the footpath in front of the school. When the teacher sees you they will release your child/children. Please ensure younger siblings are in your care and do not run about at pick-up times, as this puts them in great danger from drivers who may not see them.

Please do not block the gates or the zebra crossing or sit in the thoroughfare blocking others. It is vital that this message is relayed to babysitters/childminders/grandparents or anyone who may be collecting your children.

We have taken great measures to ensure the safety and efficiency of home-times. Staff are encouraged to release classes promptly. The P3-P4 school finishing time has been brought forward to 2.50pm and P5-P7 is 3pm. Please ensure prompt collection of children at home times.  It takes all users of our facilities to work together to ensure the efficient and safe running of our school home-times. We thank you for your consideration and help with this.

The Safeguarding Team

Our safeguarding team works to keep everyone safe and happy. If you have any child protection concerns please contact any of the team.

Designated Teacher – Mrs McAlister

Deputy Designated Teacher – Mrs McElhatton

Healthy Eating

Everyone is doing really well with our healthy eating breaks policy! Our new lunchtime policy is that there is NO MORE THAN ONE TREAT in pupil lunch boxes. A large number are doing really well and having no treats at lunchtime! We have been rewarding no treats with stickers! How many can your child collect Dinners are £2.60 and can be paid weekly or daily. Break must be paid in advance for the week. Toast 25p/Scone 35p/Pancake 35p








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